Academic Achievements

Al-Kuathar Islamic University is contributing its best efforts to leadthe nation. Here are some achievements It is a distinction of Al-Kuathar Islamic University that four batches have graduated after completion of 15 years Hawza Education at Al- Kuathar Islamic University Islamabad Pakistan.

1. 350 graduates, ex-students of Al-Kuathar Islamic University are studying to specialize in their respective fields. Some of them are also studying Dars-e-Kharij at Najaf, Qum and Mashhad.

2. It is an honor to Al-Kuathar Islamic University that for the first time in the history of Pakistan, 25 graduates of Al-Kuathar Islamic University joined entrance exams of Dars-e-Kharij and appeared in
the exam of Kifaya-tul-Usool after completion of 15 years Hawza Education.

3. 10 graduates of Al-Kuathar Islamic University are doing M.Phil/Ph D in different fields in different universities after completion of 15 years Hawza Education at Al-Kuathar Islamic University Islamabad Pakistan

4. The following numbers of graduates and students of Al-Kuathar Islamic University have done/ are doing their MA/MSc/M.Ed/B.Ed regularly in various fields at different universities along with Hawza
Education at Al-Kuathar Islamic University Islamabad Pakistan.
5. 48 graduates and ex-students are playing their leading roles in educational, religious, social and welfare institutions and organizations after completion of Hawza Education at Al-Kuathar Islamic