Dar ul Quran Al Karim

Dar ul Quran Al Karim was established to disseminate the true teachings of the Holy Quran among the Muslim scholars. It has presented the Urdu translation of the Holy Quran and Tafseer of the Quran under the name Al Kauthar Fi Tafseer ul Quran.

Shaikh ul Jamia devotedly put in his unsurpassed efforts for 30 years in researching and writing of the Urdu Translation & Tafseer e Quran.


Balagh ul Quran [Urdu Translation]

  • Urdu translation of Quran with short commentary.
  • Numerous editions have been published by many publishers.
  • Its internet version is the first ever searchable Urdu translation of Quran on the internet.

Al Kauthar Fi Tafseer il Quran

Al Kauthar Fi Tafseer il Quran is Urdu commentary of Holy Verses of the Quran. This holy task started in 1990 and completed in November 2014.
First edition of complete 10 Volumes is published in November 2014. Android and iOS apps for Quran and Tafseer will be launched in Shabaan 1436.