The Specialization Phase

During this phase, students are given detailed knowledge of exegesis and Quranic Sciences. Moreover, successful students are also granted degrees at the end of this phase. Objectives of this level are:

  1. To train the capable students in the fields of exegesis of Quran and Quranic Studies.
  2. To prepare teachers for the Islamic and contemporary universities.
  3. To prepare students for the attainment of PhD degree.
  4. To train a dependable and specialized group of scholars for the promotion of
  5. To enable students for the analytical and applied research, exegesis and Quranic Studies, and them with point of so that where Quranic Sciences whereby preparing comprehensive of the Quran.
  6. the practical and authorship of introducing them to the latest research. Quranic Teachings. familiarize the orientalists’ view as to refute necessary.

Although the contemporary world is facing different crises such as: political, social, financial and of belief, and different Satanic forces are in action to detract the youth from the right path. However, there is no use of losing heart. If satanic powers try to root out the moral values, simultaneously, there are Divine powers to escort them. In view of his, it is the first and foremost duty of a true and responsible Muslim to adopt preaching  islamic values which is the prophetic legacy. Therefore, it is important to establish and organize educational institutions for this sacred cause. For this, Al-Kauthar Islamic  university Islamabad has established “Faculty of Preachers” where preachers are trained to preach and promote Divine religion, and eliminate evils in society with sincere practical efforts.

Faculty of Preachers

Aims and Objectives

  1. To convey the universal and comprehensive message of Islam in an attractive way to the Muslim world, in particular.
  2. To train capable and astute speakers and preachers.
  3. To identify and eliminate the heresies and alteration in the light of the Quran, Sunnah and the lives of the Infallibles.
  4. To promote the real spirit of Azadari and present actual and authentic events in the battlefield of Karbala.
  5. To spread the true message of Karbala Movement in an effective way