Assessment and Examination

There is no aggregate system of examination and students have to pass every subject individually.Tests are conducted regularly and a final assessment exam is taken at the end of the academic year.

If at any time the student is not making satisfactory progress or is unlikely to attain the standard required he shall be required to discontinue studies.

40% marks are allocated to the activities during academic year such as: One Hour Tests (OHTs), quizzes and assignments, whereas the rest is allocated to end-term exam that is held at the end of the semester. At the end of every semester oral and written exam is held.

Grading System:

  • 90% – 100% A Plus
  • 80% – 89  % A grade
  • 70% – 79  % B grade
  • 60% – 69  % C grade
  • 60%  Pass

Students below 60% would be considered as fail.

Evaluation of the Assessment Techniques:

Annual Exam
Daily Assessment
Attendance and Discipline