The system of education comprises three phases and nine years of academic courses, altogether.At the moment, the following departments are functional:

Islamic Law and Jurisprudence

    • Quran and Hadith
    • Preachers
  • Economics
  • English Language


The three phases are grouped as under:

  1. General
  2. Higher
  3. Advanced

The General Phase:

This would be the beginning of education system, which would be spread over three years and it would cover Islamic Jurisprudence, System of Education presented before or will not be presented afterwards to any other university, nationally or internationally. However, this would only be a source of testing, developing and strengthening of students’ research abilities and it would be a preamble to the PhD thesis.

Quranic Studies, Hadith and a comprehensive introduction of different other fields of education. Special attention would be given to English Language. It is mandatory upon the students to have passed the initial stages before getting admission to this stage.

The Higher Phase:

This phase comprises four years and would be known as the phase of specialization.

This includes Islamic Law and Jurisprudence (Rasail, Makasib), besides the students are introduced to the selected studies of the specialized field broadly.

The Advanced Phase:

This Phase would be spread over two years, divided into two further subphases of one year each. In the first sub-phase, the students are given a brief introduction to the  esearch mechanics, and in the second one, they are supposed to write a dissertation comprising 50,000 words that would be equivalent to M Phil.