HIWM Sheikh Mohsin Ali Najafi

Things are defined by their inner potentials and utilization. Almighty Allah has endowed man with the learning faculty and has commanded its utilization. It is tantamount to wasting this blessing of Allah if this ability is not utilized to the optimum. The Muslims’ forefathers had left no stone unturned in complying with this command. Consequently, they enjoyed a great culture and civilization.

They never underestimated or discriminated against any branch of learning and accommodated all the branches in their contemporary religious educational institutions. However, when the center of culture and civilization shifted to the west, they evicted the Islamic Sciences from their seats of learning, and it was a section of Muslim clerics who safeguarded the Islamic Sciences from oblivion. It was then, for the first time in history, when knowledge bifurcated into two: the temporal and the spiritual. Islam does not believe in such a division.

The irony is that the reintroduction of Islamic Sciences is not demanded in the colleges, schools, universities and other such educational institutes of Islamic world in general and Pakistan in particular, despite the fact that they have ample resources and other wherewithal.
Rather the materially pauper seminaries are demanded and pressurized to introduce secular education.
It was my long standing desire to establish such a seat of learning which may put an end to this illogical division of learning and develop creative faculties of students in accordance with the Islamic teachings; where there is a beautiful juxtaposition of the temporal and spiritual.

It was my passionate yearning to have a seat of learning where, apart from Islamic sciences, temporal education is also imparted, putting an end to the absurd concept of modern and ancient learning because the Holy Qur’an and its teachings are relevant, evergreen and modern. It contains freshness, originality and soul edifying message for its readers. Keeping in view the afore-mentioned aims and objectives, Jamiatu Al-Kauthar was established and it is our first step in a long journey ahead.