The mosque at Jamia Al Kauthar with capacity of 2,500 namazees is a master piece of modern Islamic architecture. The iconic dome of this mosque is 100 feet (30 meter) high from the ground level, its 50 feet (15 meter) diameter makes the dome one of the largest in the country.

Calligraphy of Surah Dahar is engraved on 1,400 square feet (130 sqm) of fine rosewood. Writings of Surah Yaseen, 99 names of Allah and 14 Masomeen artistically carried out. High quality of Rosewood & Cedar have been crafted by artists making it master piece of Islamic art.

27 feet (8.4m) tall Chandelier is installed in the centre of the mosque, it comprises of 72,000 Belgian crystals, 1.2 ton weight and 313 lights adds immense beauty to the prayer hall.

Al Kauthar Mosque