After completion of course from Jamiatu Al Kauthar students head to Hawzah Ilmia Najaf ul Ashraf to atain higher studies.

In 2010 Al-Kauthar established a Campus in Najaf ul Ashraf, Iraq by the name of Madrasa Syeda Fatima Zahra SA.

Salient Features of the campus:

1. Opportunity for higher education particularly Dars-e-Kharij for the students.
2. Considerable scholarships.
3. Specific lectures on ethics.
4. Accommodation in well-furnished hostel.
5. Provision of Learning Environment.
6. Research-oriented Atmosphere.
7. Special sittings with Ayat-e-Ezam.
8. Career Guidance.
9. Group Discussions.

It was the dream of Shaikh-ul-Jamia that the graduates of Jamiatu Al Kauthar would get their higher education, specialization, and researches at the door of the city of knowledge (A.S) under the supervision of Great Ayat e Ezam.
With the blessing of Almighty Allah, this dream has come true when 25 graduates of Jamiatu Al Kauthar appeared in the entrance Exam of Dars-e-Kharij and they achieved top positionsm among all students from around the world. This is its first step of success of the students which they will continue to perform by the grace of the Almighty. Our ultimate vision is to prepare such kind of Faqeeh, researchers and leaders who could change the fabric of society and the destiny of their nations and prepare the public for the universal revolution of Holy Imam (A.S).

Bright Students

The following students got positions in the Exam of Kifaya Makasib at Hawzah Elmia Al Najaf Al Ashraf.

  • Mr. Muhammad Taqi Hashmi
    1st position
  • Ashraf Hussain Akhounzada
    3rd position
  • Fida Hussain & Muhammad Hussain
    4th position

Students of Najaf Campus in Professional Fields

Students of Najaf Campus are studying in Dars e Kharij (Highest level of Hawzah Studies). Apart from studying they also playing their role in various organizations as Ustaad Hawzah, Lecturer in colleges, Mangement & Administration etc. List of few students is given below: